Most headings used in the destination reports are self-explanatory. However, the following may assist understanding.

"Further Education" (FE): Further Education at a college, including post 16 Tertiary colleges, rather than in school 6th form (years 12 & 13).

“Work Based Training – non employed status”: This includes all Government supported work based training without employed status.

“Work Based Training – employment status”: This includes Modern Apprenticeships and other Government supported training of employees.

“WBTYP”: Work Based Training for Young People.

“Entering the labour market”: This term refers to all pupils with a destination of “Work Based Training – non employed status”, “Work Based Training – employed status” or “Employed – Other”.

“Known not to be in education, employment or training (NEET)”: This includes those unavailable for work and those registered with Careers Wales as unemployed. Young people in part time education (16 hours or less per week) were previously included in this category but have been recorded separately since 2009.

“Gap Year”: Only those on a formal gap year (i.e. have applied to UCAS and have deferred entry to Higher Education) are included in the gap year figures. Individuals who have not gone into Higher Education, but who are thinking of applying have been included under other relevant destinations (as at 31st October 2019).

“Full Time Education”: Those in education of more than 16 hours per week.

“Part Time Education”: Those in part time education of 16 hours or less per week. These were previously included in the NEET category but have been recorded separately since 2009.

“Left the area”: Those who are known to have left Wales.

“White”: A combined total for White British; White Irish; White Other.

“Minority ethnic groups”: A combined total for Mixed White & Black Caribbean; Mixed White & Black African; Mixed White & Asian; Mixed Other; Indian, Pakistani; Bangladeshi; Other Asian; Caribbean; African; Other Black; Chinese; Other Ethnic Group.